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Which Of The Following Cannot Be Changed In Print Preview


The prefs should be written in printing.(I think the users hope that the prefs should be saved with commiting time. For example, you can choose a specific printer, the number of copies that you want to print, or choose between a single or a double-sided printout. I think bug 270079 made some regressions. I guess the page loaded something using JavaScript while I had it open in Print Preview. my review here

You can also find more resources in our Help Center.Select a categorySomething is confusingSomething is brokenI have a suggestionOther feedbackWhat is your email?What is 1 + 3?Send Message We use cookies But we have another bug. This is not my regression. If roc is correct, we need refactoring for printUtils.js in toolkit.

Which Of The Following Is Not A Typical Benefit Of Relational Databases

This sounds right to me. On the Database Tools tab, in the Show/Hide group, click Relationships. Top of Page Set print options for a module A module is an object containing custom procedures that use VBA code. Top of Page Print a form Although Access forms are usually used for viewing and editing data on the screen instead of printing data, you might have occasions where printing a

We should have global printer object that is not related prefs. Time is running short if we are going to get this in. I'm worried, see this code: http://lxr.mozilla.org/mozilla/source/toolkit/components/printing/content/printPreviewBindings.xml#374 > 374 settings.shrinkToFit = false; > 375 settings.scaling = aValue; > 376 PrintUtils.savePrintSettings(settings); > 377 PrintUtils.printPreview(); If user change the scaling, this code try to Which Of The Following Is Not A Form View? Comment 39 Mike Connor [:mconnor] 2005-10-02 21:28:51 PDT Comment on attachment 198179 [details] [diff] [review] quirk patch yeah, toolkit's printing impl needs love, let's go with this for now, and figure

I don't think so for print preview. Which Of The Following Is Not A Valid Report View The fonts that appear in the printed version of the form depend on the fonts that are available for your printer. Principle: don't bother the user with non-critical errors they can't prevent and can't correct. But in > printUtils, savePrintSettings save nothing data. > > http://lxr.mozilla.org/mozilla/source/toolkit/components/printing/content/printUtils.js#132 > > PSSVC.savePrintSettingsToPrefs(aPrintSettings, false, > aPrintSettings.kInitSaveNativeData); > > Currently we don't use kInitSaveNativeData.

Comment 31 Robert O'Callahan (:roc) (email my personal email if necessary) 2005-09-29 15:29:21 PDT print.save_print_settings is true by default and there is no UI for it. The Page Footer Section Prints ____. Having a new patch today would improve the chances of this getting fixed in time. We should not save prefs in this time.) Why you have granted to the patch of bug 270079? The error message didn't do anything useful for me, I just clicked "OK" and continued printing.

Which Of The Following Is Not A Valid Report View

The margin settings automatically change to suit the orientation. A column Click the column header. Which Of The Following Is Not A Typical Benefit Of Relational Databases If changing scale, the content area is shrinked. Which Of The Following Would Most Likely Be Used To Display A Yes/no Field On A Form? By using our website, you are agreeing to our cookie and privacy policies. 50 termsmtheisenComp Apps AccessSTUDYPLAYused on a form to display data from a fieldbound controlcreated by entering an expression

Click the Microsoft Office Button , point to Print, and then click Quick Print. On the File menu, click Print. Comment 5 Daniel Holbert [:dholbert] 2008-07-20 23:08:59 PDT Tony: Those issues you mention (especially the second one) merit new bugs, separate from this one. Reproducible: Always Steps to Reproduce: 1. Which Of The Following Is Not True About A Query?

But the global printer object is broken by bug 270079. Please wait 12 - 15 hours. Multiple records Drag from the record selector of the first record across the records that you want to select. For example, click Margins to set or change the margins of your print job, or click Portrait or Landscape to change the page orientation.

Comment 17 Masayuki Nakano [:masayuki] (Mozilla Japan) 2005-09-19 13:54:48 PDT Oops.. > Currently printer code does not assume that |GetGlobalPrintSettings| returns latest printer settings. The Term ____ Database Comes From The Fact That Two Or More Tables Are Linked By A Common Field. Therefore, we have a problem in bug 270079. But I trust that this patch is incorrect.

Comment 32 Masayuki Nakano [:masayuki] (Mozilla Japan) 2005-09-30 09:07:09 PDT O.K.

Comment 7 Bill McGonigle (not currently reading bugmail; please contact directly) 2009-05-25 08:50:05 PDT I'm seeing this on 3.5b4 when I print just about everything from commercial websites. If we don't have global object, we need to save prefs in 2. In the Navigation Pane, right-click the module that you want to print, and then click Design View. A Title For A Report Would Most Commonly Be Placed In Which Report Section Access opens the object in Print Preview.

Did you try it? It seems to me that we should just disable meta refresh in print preview and avoid this altogether. You cannot use Print Preview when you print Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code modules. The Print dialog box appears.

Please file a new bug against Seamonkey. Cookies help us deliver our services. Yes No Great! Click the Microsoft Office Button , point to Print, and then click Print Preview.

What would happen if we just removed the call to display this dialog? Landscape/Portrait buttons do not change orientation. She worked for a decade at IBM Corporation before becoming a consultant, author, and college professor. Why do we even have this error message?

Select Print Preview from the File menu 3. For more details see Persona Deprecated. The printing works as long as I dismiss the dialog. But if "print.save_print_settings" is false, we need to ignore "print.save_print_settings".

Comment 34 Robert O'Callahan (:roc) (email my personal email if necessary) 2005-09-30 16:02:02 PDT This is pretty serious. Important: This option can result in many pages being printed, depending on the type of object you are printing and how many records exist in the record source for that object. Comment 38 Masayuki Nakano [:masayuki] (Mozilla Japan) 2005-10-01 17:25:51 PDT Created attachment 198179 [details] [diff] [review] quirk patch This patch fixes regression. A record Click the record selector — the square to the left or right (depending on your language setting) of a row.

If the object is not already open, select the object in the Navigation Pane. After you complete the page layout changes, click Print. Let's go with the patch for saving prefs, at least for branch. Can you give me the patch for that?

But in printUtils, savePrintSettings save nothing data. On the Print Preview tab, in the Page Layout group, click any of the options that you want to use. I think that we should not destroy global printer object. This is not good behavior.