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What Has 100 Legs But Cannot Walk Answer


WHAT CAN BE RIGHT BUT NEVER WRONG? 19. STAR-FISH 66. What has a face, but not in the way humans have faces? SO THAT IT SHOULD REACH THE STOMACH BEFORE AFTERNOON 31. navigate to this website

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What Has 100 Limbs But Cannot Walk

IT HAS 2 HANDS BUT CANNOT CLAP. 89. SOLID 25. My knees give out; I...

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Jokes by Category The Big List of 1001 Jokes! ELECTRICITY 7. What Has 100 Limbs But Cannot Walk FOUR MEN JUMP OUT OF A SHIP BUT NONE GETS WET.HOW? 62. BECAUSE ITS HORNS DO NOT WORK 18.

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If you can't run, then walk. Fitzshrelle Thirty white horses on a red hill,first they champ,then they stamp. WHAT DO YOU CALL A GOOD ACTING FISH? 66.

What you need to know is that a clue is usually meant to mislead you.


Hkw much does a leaf of marijuana weigh? The answer may have dawned on you -- a clock has a face but doesn't weep. Click Here to Enter! http://bovbjerg.net/what-has/what-has-100-legs-but-cannot-walk.php WHAT WILL HE BE THE NEXT DAY? 29.

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Copyright Howtodothings.com © 2016, all rights reserved. WHY SHOULD THE TRAFFIC POLICE HAVE A KNIFE AND BREAD WITH HIM ALWAYS? 67. WHICH LID CANNOT BE OPENED? 25. ITS BARK 82.

A Pair of Pants!
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Filed Under: Easy Riddles Tagged With: easy walk riddle, leg riddle (2 votes, average: 4.50 out of 5) Loading...Facebook Google+Twitter PinterestEmail Jokes WHAT IS THE BEST CURE FOR DANDRUFF? 39. that's all it says zaphia @rain hi im stock on level 64 van u help me please. EYE 5.

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Quick Tips: Think outside the box and reject the obvious answer -- that is the only way you will ever be able to solve most riddles! YESTERDAY 46. WET 84. SIT ON IT BEFORE IT DRIES 20.