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What Can Python Do That Java Cannot


Lab colleague uses cracked software. It is a test for an actual equality, and not two strings that share the same contents. this point goes towards Python, because beginner programmer definitely like to write less code. The documentation isn't as good as languages like PHP and Java that have strong corporate backings.

Personally, I think that every shop needs to standardize on at least *two* general-purpose languages — one "system" language for major systems where performance is the highest priority, and one scripting It has arithmetic operators like ++ :In python it is += ,*= .... Going forward, it’s recommended to use the Date/Time functions in java.time instead of Joda-Time. Have a nice day!

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You can find me online as soofaloofa. The problem is that you already know J — there is no learning curve to climb with J — but you'd have to expend some time and effort to learn P. def foo(a, L = None): if L is None: L = [] ...

Vent kitchen hood vent to roof turbine vent? Type Safety Java’s type system, while verbose at times, allows you to write code that largely “just works”. Nothing in Python prevents me form overwriting or reusing variables. What Can Java Do add some names to the collection long count = 0; for (String name : names) { if (name.startsWith("A")) ++count; } With streams, this can be simplified using functional syntax by first

The condition not (x is y) is better writen with the operator combination "is not": x is not y Outside of a for statement, in is a boolean operator used for Java Or Python dynamic, typing in programming languages. So theoretically all programming languages can perform any task, practically each is limited in some way. But FWIW, the Java garbage collector being on a thread (and most everything else about the GC) is not an aspect of the Java language or VM specifications per se, but

Luke on 2011/02/03 at 4:21 pm said: You're joking, right? Disadvantages Of Python String Concatenation String concatenation is + as in Java, but Python does not do implict conversions to string type (str). I had to switch from Tcl to Python a few years back, and boy was I surprised at how primitive python's unicode support is in comparrison. That it is not the built-in language of web browsers, instead of JavaScript.

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Related 18Python productivity VS Java Productivity9What to cover in a “introduction to python” talk?6Python programming patterns and practices?2Python template engines: What are the real benifits and drawbacks to XML vs custom I have colleagues that have burned a quarter million core-hours just getting Python (with numpy, mpi4py, petsc4py, and other extension modules) loaded on 65k cores. (The simulation delivered a significant new Java Keyword Arguments For me it is just a mess of ad hoc hacks w/o any noticeable consistency behind. Python Vs C# ron on 2009/11/07 at 4:17 pm said: ^ Exactly!

As of Java 1.7, many concurrent immutable data structures allow you to easily share data among threads. something like "%d:%d:%d" % (hour, minute, sec) to read in time). The benefits of learning languages that you won’t use Which programming languages have helped you to understand programming better? What is the significance of the robot in the sand? Jython

The fact that Guava exists to make the Java language more pleasant is testament to the fact that the Java language and APIs can be inconsistent, confusing, and sometimes just plain A lot of times this doesn't matter, but it definitely means you'll need another language for those performance-critical bits. Explicit self is related to the limited scoping that others have complained about. For example, when evaluating the expression a+b, it must first inspect the objects a and b to find out their type, which is not known at compile time.

Akka is resilient to many different failures and provides higher level abstractions for writing robust distributed systems. Pypy Edit: When I say Python's object-oriented parts feel "bolted on", I mean that at times, the OOP side feels rather inconsistent. List Comprehensions In math we can write {(x, x2) for x in {0, 1, 2, 3, 4}} meaning {(0, 0), (1, 1), (2, 4), (3, 9), (4, 16)} In Python 2.7

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Of these complaints, it's only the very first one that I care enough about that I think it should be added to the language. They don't support getting formatted input (e.g. Parallel streams allow pipeline operations to be executed concurrently in separate threads, offering not only improved syntax but improved performance as well. Codecademy Multiple Catch Traditionally, Java only allowed one exception in a catch block, leading to duplicate code like this.

Any serious work I've seen also adopts the same approach. Your second example, converting an int to a string and looking if the string contains "0", is strange and is not the way you should normally write programs. Starting up the IDE takes minutes. Put differently: had I been the designer of Python, I would have done something like this.

Oh and coming up with the right architecture for your system, might give you the ability to use more than one language for different parts of your system possibly making development But these new ide's have changed the game completely.