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Truth! In truth there is always enough bad poetry–in any age, in any country, in any genre or oeuvre–that no one ever has to read any other kind. English poetry reports in from every point of the compass and from eight different centuries, and it is simply to be expected that any given reader will have trouble making basic Why, I want to know, if the poet is celebrating the choice of a little-used road over a much-used one, does he so carefully establish, then reiterate (lines 9-12), that the More about the author

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Pandora and the Music Genome Project are registered trademarks of Pandora Media, Inc. • H O M E • E S S A Y S • A R T • E As the author of "Captain, My Captain!" It is one of his weakest poems, as he himself freely admitted, written in haste immediately after Lincoln's assassination–but a thoroughly safe one, patriotic, The same goes for reading pacifist poems as a patriot, patriotic poems as a pacifist, Carpe Diem poems as the parent of a nubile teen-ager, Kipling as a black or Indian, Of course poets themselves are often the first to raise the banner against analysis, crying with Wordsworth, "Our meddling intellect / Misshapes the beauteous forms of things / We murder to

To reject this poem for its preening prissiness implied that not all poems were like that, something I had not really suspected till then. Given time, patience, common sense, a dictionary, and a reasonably well-educated teacher, what was unclear grows clear. Or take Poe. A traveler confronting a fork in his path compares the two branches, thinks one may be more unspoiled, sees it really isn't, chooses it anyway because he must choose.

We'll have things fixed soon. Of course, I have to disappoint them. The beauty of Poe is that he gives the class plenty of routine work to do–looking up big words, untangling overwrought syntax, counting out the drumbeat of heavy meter and clanging In my experience there is indeed one kind of poetry that does this.

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Over time, these pressures try to freeze him into a sort of zombie optimism that finds uplifting lessons everywhere, like the Duchess in Alice in Wonderland, or else a tut-tutting dyspepsia Preview the embedded widget PIEBALD - Accidental Gentlemen Album Lyrics1.Shark Attack2.Opener3.A Friend of Mine4.Don't Tell Me Nothing5.There's Always Something Better to Do (The Strutter)6.Strangers7.Oh, the Congestion8.On and On 9.Getting Mugged and You can't deny the surgeon her scalpel. It tends to be particularly hard on those who have not learned the trick of temporarily putting aside personal concerns to consider the world from other and broader perspectives.

You can do "The Man Who Thinks He Can" year in and year out and hear nothing but praise, even get the occasional letter from a former student who still has But I was thrilled to discover that the teacher found the poem as awful as I did, and for the same reasons: the phony sentiment, the singsong rhyme, the silly mixed Taking your time to shake the hand What do you do when all the people you are friends with suck? What The Husband Did Next Is Priceless.

She Was Confused When Her Dog Started Doing THIS With The Door. A discovery one makes periodically as a college teacher is that the rare student who declares himself a poetry-lover can be more of a problem than the professed poetry-hater. Buttons never ventured. But the very "resistance" that analysis encounters can be a sign, as in psychotherapy, of its efficacy.

Elide the sadism and mad cunning of Lewis Carroll and he becomes a writer of the most delightful nonsense, welcome in any drawing-room. Listen while you read! Quite likely you know the poem, with its bleak little parable, as famous as any lyric in American literature.

Coleridge and Allen Ginsberg take an indulgent view of drug abuse, Pound and Eliot of fascism, Pablo Neruda of communism.

So what does it say about our profession that we blunder so abjectly with one of the poems we teach most and like best? Thrilled and intrigued, stimulated, energized. Petrarch and Theodore Roethke invite the ire of feminists, Denise Levertov and Sappho of heterosexual white males. What do you do when all the people you are friends with suck?

On the first score it is hard to blame anyone. If the last lines constitute a ringing declaration of achieved selfhood, why doesn't the poet declare them now, in a fully confident present tense, rather than displacing them into an uncertain How do we present him to high school students? If he has decisively rejected the first path, why does he promise himself to come back some day (13)?

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But what is a high school teacher to make of all this playfulness and heterodoxy, this devil's advocacy and dead-earnest rebellion? Buttons, God bless him!), they got the best of it once and for all. He can be reached at cfjdk[AT]eiu.edu (replace [AT] with @). Entirely without our encouragement, they "tear it apart." But in literature class we sometimes seem to think that any poem will do.

The poetry-lover, on the other hand, has too often developed an untoward passion for Robert Service, say, or Kahlil Gibran, or collections with titles like One Hundred Great Patriotic Poems and He won Illinois Artists Fellowships in 1987 and again in 1998, and published a fiction chapbook, IMPROBABILITIES, in 1991. SHARE Have your say Popular Articles He Pleaded For Someone To Help His Pregnant Wife Crying In Pain But No One Stopped. Welcome!

They will come to like this poem–this poem itself, not a mirage they have substituted for it–better and more wisely than before. For the past decade and a half, teaching in either of two college courses, I have often had the chance to hear what students think of a particular poem, Robert Frost's And now to business. Understate the gnawing grief in Wordsworth or the randy voyeurism in Whitman, and either one becomes a mere nature-worshipper, sublimated and sanitized, amenable to the moralism of a Queen Victoria or

Often dispirited enough elsewhere in my poetry unit, they perk up noticeably when we come to this poem. They love one song, they hate another, they give reasons, they argue.