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The xterm program supports a resource titeInhibit which manipulates the $TERMCAP variable to accomplish this. A ":highlight link" is not counted. *E77* Too many file names When expanding file names, more than one match was found. The xterm-color value for $TERM is a bad choice for XFree86 xterm because it is commonly used for a terminfo entry which happens to not support bce. If you know how to reproduce this problem, please report it. |bugs| *E208* *E209* *E210* Error writing to "{filename}" Error closing "{filename}" Error reading "{filename}" This occurs when Vim is trying news

Uncomment this to use color for the bold attribute XTerm.VT100*colorBDMode: on XTerm.VT100*color0: black XTerm.VT100*color1: red3 XTerm.VT100*color2: green3 XTerm.VT100*color3: yellow3 XTerm.VT100*color4: blue3 XTerm.VT100*color5: magenta3 XTerm.VT100*color6: cyan3 XTerm.VT100*color7: gray90 XTerm.VT100*color8: gray30 XTerm.VT100*color9: red How do I print the screen? Frequent problems Starting xterm, or not Xterm does not run (no available pty's) I need libncurses.so.3.0 I need /etc/termcap Why does $LD_LIBRARY_PATH get reset? What I see now is that the form background (and menus, and menubars, etc.) is an arbitrary color that is not related in any systematic way to the system colors that

Xterm also sets the $TERMCAP environment variable to match. Note: when you stopped the output with "q" at the more prompt only up to that point will be displayed. What versions are available?

This works reasonably well for environments where you have different versions of xterm, e.g., XTerm*vt100.translations: #override Delete: string(0x7f) I do not do that either, because it is not flexible. At the bottom level are the modifier map and keymap table, where hardware key codes are bound to X keysyms. How do I report bugs? When you click and hold the left mouse button and then move the mouse, you can see the mark-area flickering during the movement of the mouse.

For example: XBMLANGPATH=. I use the F1 through F4 on the keyboard to implement PF1 through PF4, alias the keypad "+" to "," and use the existing "-" key. This failed and the old swap file is now still used. Set the 'autoread' option if you want to do this automatically.

But it usually works. There are several other versions of xterm, as well as similar programs. The current scheme (X11R6) uses keyboard mapping tables that are independent of the environment. Or set your clock to the next day, write the file twice and set the clock back. *W12* Warning: File "{filename}" has changed and the buffer was changed in Vim as

Terminals such as XFree86 xterm and rxvt implement back color erase, others such as dtterm do not. (Roughly half of the emulators that I know about implement bce). Xterm does not run (no available pty's) Your copy of xterm may not have enough permissions to use existing pty's: you may have to make xterm run setuid to root (though Vim might run out of memory when this problem persists. *connection-refused* Xlib: connection to "

I have then used the PC Pause key to map to VT key Minus (Delete Word in the EDT editor). navigate to this website Check for trailing white space. /dev/dsp: No such file or directory Only given for GTK GUI with Gnome support. You can still edit the file, but if Vim unexpected exits the changes will be lost. This matches "foo" and "bar". *E315* ml_get: invalid lnum: {number} This is an internal Vim error.

I think this is related to my color map being full, but that shouldn't impact the system colors, since they are known to be in the color map. On a Solaris system, the right part of the 'file open' dialog is too narrow, I can't see the complete file names. You have probably NumLock or CapsLock ON. More about the author Why doesn't my delete key work?

other_file *E162* No write since last change for buffer "{name}" This appears when you try to exit Vim while some buffers are changed. For instance, running vile which uses scrolling margins, we see text overwriting the status line. If you want to print the contents of the screen, XFree86 xterm implements, as part of the VT100 emulation, an "attached" printer.

This can be caused by many things.

Have I overlooked something obvious? The only X documentation at the time was the code itself. Then the file will be copied, but somehow this failed. FVWM does weird things when I try to resize xterm I have an old (3.1.2G) bug report for xterm which may be related to the second (3.9s) problem: Steven Lang

Since xterm is emulating a VT100/VT220, the backarrow key should generate a 127 (often displayed as ^?). Be careful! In your /etc/profile after: if [ "$SHELL" = "/bin/pdksh" -o "$SHELL" = "/bin/ksh" ]; then PS1="! $ " elif [ "$SHELL" = "/bin/zsh" ]; then PS1="%m:%~%# " elif [ "$SHELL" = http://bovbjerg.net/warning-cannot/warning-cannot-allocate-colormap-entry-for-black.php Xterm knows how big the screen is (of course), and tries to tell your applications (e.g., by invoking ioctl's and sending SIGWINCH).

[email protected] 1998-08-14 Show John Lee (Inactive) added a comment - 1998-08-13 17:00 BT2:EVALUATION Date: Wed, 5 Nov 1997 13:16:02 -0800 (PST) From: Robin Jeffries < [email protected] > Subject: Re: bug 4088106: Some people prefer this, because it is convenient: you can start and stop logging a popup menu entry. One unexpected scenario came out of hiding when I was implementing the ptyInitialErase resource. But with 4.0, everything seems to be working fine, except when someone tries to move text in or out of a dialog field, then blamo.

That makes it less likely to misplace your cursor. This also happens when using ":s/pat/%/", where the "%" stands for the previous substitute string. *E35* No previous regular expression When using an empty search pattern, the previous search pattern is This looks pretty bad. 3) The 3D border around TextFields shows up all black (as reported in the bug description). You can see the bindings on this level with the xmodmap program (see man xmodmap).

Perhaps you do not. Another possible workaround is to use the nedit_sunos executable (from ftp://ftp.nedit.org/pub/), which is statically linked with a good Motif. 11. A simple test that just displays a TextArea consistently shows this bug with both DevPro JDK1.1.3 bundled with JWS and with the latest DevPro JDK-JDE workspace.