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Vmware Cannot Clone The Resource Is In Use

The error stack reported the "Guest vDS" and "1404" was already in use.  Our Guest vDS is divided up into 6 different VLAN's, on six different vSwitch port groups, segmenting departments. Currently supported types are vmxnet, vmxnet2, vmxnet3, e1000 and e1000e. If not specified: Note If resource pool is not specified, current host is used. After being snapshotted, it is cloned to to a replica, then cloned again for each View desktop. http://bovbjerg.net/vmware-cannot/vmware-cannot-open-disk-resource-busy.php

If both are specified, the resourcepool value will be used. If the CD/DVD drive already exists, it will be reconfigured with the specifications. see the "Template_Name" screenshots above for more information. In such cases, the closest match to another image should be used.

You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. Profiles¶ Set up an initial profile at /etc/salt/cloud.profiles or /etc/salt/cloud.profiles.d/vmware.conf: vmware-centos6.5: provider: vcenter01 clonefrom: test-vm ## Optional arguments num_cpus: 4 memory: 8GB devices: cd: CD/DVD drive 1: device_type: datastore_iso_file Supported options are createNewChildDiskBacking, moveChildMostDiskBacking, moveAllDiskBackingsAndAllowSharing and moveAllDiskBackingsAndDisallowSharing. If VMware were to get that resolved, I think most people would be in pretty good shape for using VDS across the board.

Dec 31, 2014 vSphere.gemspec Allow rbvmomi 1.9.x Oct 17, 2016 vsphere_screenshot.png [Vagrant-Vsphere issue #79 had some helpful instructions for setting … Dec 9, 2014 README.md Vagrant vSphere Provider This is a The Edit Virtual Hardware settings are "experimental" as it says in the Clone Wizard, but it allowed me to have a three day weekend, so there's that. This solved my issue quickly in a production environment! Alternatively, you can clone this repository and build the source with gem build vSphere.gemspec.

The applications will be open until 16th of December and decisions of the new vExpert 2017 will be February 8th 2017. Template/cloning provisioning from a distributed port group will work if PG is using static binding, but will fail on ephemeral mode. Configuration This provider has the following settings, all are required unless noted: host - IP or name for the vSphere API insecure - Optional verify SSL certificate from the host user Default is power_on: True. extra_config Specifies the additional configuration information for the virtual machine.

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Setting addressType for network adapter This sets the addressType of the network adapter, for example 'Manual' to be able to set a manual mac address. Solution: 4- Staying in the Edit Virtual Hardware settings, I changed the port group the clone would attach to upon creation. If no value is given, or the value is set to :ask, the user will be prompted to enter the password on each invocation.

This should be specified only when creating both the specified IDE controller as well as the CD/DVD drive at the same time. disk Enter the disk specification here. Home Content RSS Log in boche.net - VMware vEvangelist Search for: Home vCalendarLabAboutSponsor Cloning VMs, Guest Customization, & vDS Ephemeral Port Binding November 25th, 2011 by jason Leave a reply » For example: if the template is a directory called vagrant-templates and the template is called ubuntu-lucid-template the template_name setting would be: vsphere.template_name = "vagrant-templates/ubuntu-lucid-template" VM_Base_Path The new vagrant VM will be Tom Miller says: December 9, 2011 at 7:53 pm Thanks Jason, Trying to get my head wrapped around Ephemeral ports in order to switch all port-groups to vDS.

Incapsula incident ID: 275001340011189005-16762892302092385 Request unsuccessful. More about the author If the network specified is DHCP enabled, you do not have to specify this. In some cases you must also set vsphere.addressType (see above) to make this work: vsphere.mac = '00:50:56:XX:YY:ZZ' Take care to avoid using invalid or duplicate VMware MAC addresses, as this can Example to add/resize a disk: my-disk-example: provider: vcenter01 clonefrom: 'test-vm' devices: disk: Hard disk 1: size: 30 Depending on the configuration of the VM that is getting cloned, the disk in

This value may depend on the version of vSphere you use. Troubleshooting the logs in the VM, but also in the vCenter first we need to identify what is the resource 400. Contributing See DEVELOPMENT.md. check my blog example_box Changed the provider name from "vSphere" to "vsphere".

Error Stack: Failed to connect virtual device Ethernet0. In the example above, a Debian 8 VM is created using the image debian7_64Guest which is for a Debian 7 guest. If the key is already present, it will be reset with the new value provided.

Specifying disk backing mode¶ New in version 2016.3.5.

I don't really see dedicating a VDS solely for infrastructure VMs such as vCenter, SQL, and AD bound to Ephemeral ports, and than an addition VDS for everything else such as As such, it needs to be configured with ephemeral binding. Example Usage FILE: Vagrantfile VAGRANT_INSTANCE_NAME = "vagrant-vsphere" Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| config.vm.box = 'vsphere' config.vm.box_url = 'https://vagrantcloud.com/ssx/boxes/vsphere-dummy/versions/0.0.1/providers/vsphere.box' config.vm.hostname = VAGRANT_INSTANCE_NAME config.vm.define VAGRANT_INSTANCE_NAME do |d| end config.vm.provider :vsphere do |vsphere| vsphere.host = 'vsphere.local' The example_box directory contains a metadata.json file that can be used to create a dummy box with the command: tar cvzf dummy.box ./metadata.json This can be installed using the standard Vagrant

This field is ignored if device_type: datastore_iso_file. Rolling back the previously reserved ports info vpxd[11924] [[email protected] sub=vpxLro opID=69a43162] [VpxLRO] -- BEGIN task-internal-46214 -- ServiceInstance -- vim.ServiceInstance.GetContent -- 520d2706-dc38-8115-39cc-ba1f1714beb9 warning vpxd[27200] [[email protected] sub=VmprovUtil opID=E41217AA-0000011D-95-20-cc] [VpxdVmprovUtil::PatchConfig] Not persisting the serial Note Changed in version 2015.8.0. news Current [email protected] * Leave this field empty Partners Popular Recent Comments ESXi 6.0 reports “error code: 15” during Remediate update in VUM operation April 25th, 2016 VMware: How to delete and

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The production side has eight hosts in one cluster with 150+ VM's. As VMware explains it, static binding works like a physical switch. Unable to get networkName or devName for ethernet0 Unable to get dvs.portId for ethernet0 I searched the entire vSphere 5 document library for issues or limitations related to the use of