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Vlc Cannot Delete Stdin/stdout Client

Page not found The requested page "/videolan/vlc/commit/525e092dfd845b71af030fba2332ea961a4c2d37" could not be found. Logo sub source Use a local picture as logo on the video --logo-file= Logo filenames Full path of the image files to use. vlc.strings.decode_uri(item:uri()) .. " )" ) end client:append( "( audio volume: " .. This must be a 32-character-long hexadecimal string. --sout-rtp-salt= SRTP salt (hexadecimal) Secure RTP requires a (non-secret) master salt value.

In this case, the number is not appended to the filename. (default disabled) --scene-ratio= Recording ratio Ratio of images to record. 3 means that one image out of IAC = "\255" -- Interpret as command ECHO = "\001" function telnet_commands( client ) -- remove telnet command replies from the client's data client.buffer = string.gsub( client.buffer, IAC.."["..DO..DONT..WILL..WONT.."].", "" ) end The first two chars are for red, then green, then blue. #000000 = black, #FF0000 = red, #00FF00 = green, #FFFF00 = yellow (red + green), #FFFFFF = white --colorthres-saturationthres=

If you are looking for 1.1.x help, go VLC-1-1-x_command-line_help Usage: vlc [options] [stream] ... You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston Reload to refresh your session. The first item specified will be played first.

Position: --marq-x= X offset X offset, from the left screen edge. --marq-y= Y offset Y offset, down from the top. --marq-position={0 (Center), 1 (Left), 2 end return vlcerr end function client_command( client ) local cmd,arg = split_input(client.buffer) client.buffer = "" if commands[cmd] then call_command(cmd,client,arg) elseif call_vlm_command(cmd,client,arg) == 0 then -- elseif client.type == host.client_type.stdio and call_libvlc_command(cmd,client,arg) You signed out in another tab or window. This function will be called when the render is into the buffer. --sout-smem-audio-postrender-callback= Audio postrender callback Address of the audio postrender callback function.

auto: automatically choose the best number of rows and columns. offsets: use the user-defined offsets for each image. --mosaic-rows= Number of rows Number of image rows in the mosaic (only used if positioning method is set to "fixed"). This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. string.rep(" .",(width-(#str+#val.help)-1)/2) str = str ..

dst-parameter overrides this --sout-standard-path= filename for stream (helper setting for dst) Filename for stream helper setting for dst, dst=bind+'/'+path, dst-parameter overrides this --sout-standard-sap, --no-sout-standard-sap SAP announcing (default disabled) Announce this session config value will be discarded.") end end end --[[ Command functions ]] function set_env(name,client,value) if value then local var,val = split_input(value) if val then s = string.gsub(val,"\"(.*)\"","%1") if type(client.env[var])==type(1) then client.env[var] AltLine: take chroma line 1 from top field, line 2 from bottom field, etc. Change channel assignment (fixes wrong wiring): --atmo-channel_0={-1 (disabled), 4 (Zone 4:summary), 3 (Zone 3:left), 1 (Zone 1:right), 0 (Zone 0:top), 2 (Zone 2:bottom)} Channel 0: summary Maps the hardware channel X

Erase video filter Remove zones of the video using a picture as mask --erase-mask= Image mask Image mask. Defaults to 120 for blue. --bluescreen-v= Bluescreen V value "V" value for the bluescreen key color (in YUV values). Stream MRL syntax: [[access][/demux]://]URL[#[title][:chapter][-[title][:chapter]]] [:option=value ...] Many of the global --options can also be used as MRL specific:options. By default (-1) VLC will adapt to the video characteristics. --scene-height= Image height You can enforce the image height.

On Windows usually something like COM1 or COM2. a end end if val.args then str = str .. " " .. Visualizer filter General: --effect-list= Effects list A list of visual effect, separated by commas. arg .. "' " end client:append("+----[ CLI commands "..extra.."]") for i, cmd in ipairs(commands_ordered) do if (cmd == "" or not commands[cmd].adv or long) and (not arg or string.match(cmd,arg)) then local

cmd if cmd ~= "" then local val = commands[cmd] if val.aliases then for _,a in ipairs(val.aliases) do str = str .. ", " .. Defaults to 1. --hue= Image hue (0-360) Set the image hue, between 0 and 360. Audio: --sout-es-access-audio= Audio output access method This is the output access method that will be used for audio. --sout-es-mux-audio= Audio output muxer This is the muxer that will be used for Sepia video filter Gives video a warmer tone by applying sepia effect --sepia-intensity= Sepia intensity Intensity of sepia effect Scene video filter Send your video to picture files

The following can be set using the --lua-config option or in the interface itself using the `set' command: * prompt: The prompt. * welcome: The welcome message. * width: The default Choose Devicetype and Connection: --atmo-device={0 (AtmoWin Software), 1 (Classic AtmoLight), 2 (Quattro AtmoLight), 3 (DMX), 4 (MoMoLight), 5 (fnordlicht)} Device type Choose your preferred hardware from the list, or choose AtmoWin Display stream output --sout-display-audio, --no-sout-display-audio Enable audio (default enabled) Enable/disable audio rendering. (default enabled) --sout-display-video, --no-sout-display-video Enable video (default enabled) Enable/disable video rendering. (default enabled) --sout-display-delay= Delay (ms)

Subtitle delay Change subtitle delay --subsdelay-mode={0 (Absolute delay), 1 (Relative to source delay), 2 (Relative to source content)} Delay calculation mode Absolute delay - add absolute delay to each subtitle.

Default is to use no muxer (standard RTP stream). --sout-rtp-sap, --no-sout-rtp-sap SAP announcing (default disabled) Announce this session with SAP. (default disabled) --sout-rtp-name= Session name This is the name of the Each level should be separated with ':'. --audiobargraph_v-x= X coordinate X coordinate of the bargraph. --audiobargraph_v-y= Y coordinate Y coordinate of the bargraph. --audiobargraph_v-transparency= Text opacity The opacity (inverse of transparency) of the text that will be rendered on the Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Firefox.

Options-styles: --option A global option that is set for the duration of the program. -option A single letter version of a global --option. :option An option that only applies to the Otherwise, video will be cropped to fix in canvas after scaling. (default enabled) Bluescreen video filter This effect, also known as "greenscreen" or "chroma key" blends the "blue parts" of the Best simulation, but requires more CPU and memory bandwidth. --sout-deinterlace-phosphor-dimmer={1 (Off), 2 (Low), 3 (Medium), 4 (High)} Phosphor old field dimmer strength This controls the strength of the darkening filter that Reload to refresh your session.

Valid range is 0 (disabled) to 6 (highest) Higher levels require more CPU power, but produce higher quality pictures. Spectrum analyser: --visual-80-bands, --no-visual-80-bands Show 80 bands instead of 20 (default enabled) Show 80 bands instead of 20 (default enabled) --visual-peaks, --no-visual-peaks Draw peaks in the analyzer (default enabled) Draw peaks This prevents flickering. --atmo-meanthreshold= Filter threshold How much a color has to be changed for an immediate color change. --atmo-percentnew= Filter smoothness (%) Filter Smoothness tostring(vlc.volume.get()) .. " )") client:append( "( state " ..

Personal Open source Business Explore Sign up Sign in Pricing Blog Support Search GitHub This repository Watch 3 Star 20 Fork 77 shaobin0604/faplayer Code Pull requests 0 Projects 0 Pulse Illuminate the room with this color on pause: --atmo-usepausecolor, --no-atmo-usepausecolor Color when paused (default disabled) Set the color to show if the user pauses the video. (Have light to get another a end client:append("Error in `"..cmd..a.."' ".. You can move the logo by left-clicking it. --logo-y= Y coordinate Y coordinate of the logo.

Delay a stream --sout-delay-id= Elementary Stream ID Specify an identifier integer for this elementary stream --sout-delay-delay= Delay of the ES (ms) Specify a delay (in Deinterlacing video filter --sout-deinterlace-mode={discard,blend,mean,bob,linear,x,yadif,yadif2x,phosphor,ivtc} Streaming deinterlace mode Deinterlace method to use for streaming. --sout-deinterlace-phosphor-chroma={1 (Latest), 2 (AltLine), 3 (Blend), 4 (Upconvert)} Phosphor chroma mode for 4:2:0 input Choose handling for colours That results in much better video quality (no flickering). (default enabled) --directx-device= Name of desired display device In a multiple monitor configuration, you can specify the Windows device name of the If not set, then images will be automatically saved in users homedir. --scene-replace, --no-scene-replace Always write to the same file (default disabled) Always write to the same file instead of creating

Personal Open source Business Explore Sign up Sign in Pricing Blog Support Search GitHub This repository Watch 345 Star 2,286 Fork 1,084 videolan/vlc Code Pull requests 1 Projects 0 Pulse Meta data related: $a = artist, $b = album, $c = copyright, $d = description, $e = encoded by, $g = genre, $l = language, $n = track num, $p = The first two chars are for red, then green, then blue. #000000 = black, #FF0000 = red, #00FF00 = green, #FFFF00 = yellow (red + green), #FFFFFF = white --marq-size= Video encoder This is the video encoder module that will be

Positive means delay and negative means advance. Undocumented option: -vvv "Verbose verbose verbose". DONT = "\254" -- Indicates the demand that the other party stop performing, or confirmation that you are no longer expecting the other party to perform, the indicated option. Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Firefox.

RSS and Atom feed display Display a RSS or ATOM Feed on your video --rss-urls= Feed URLs RSS/Atom feed '|' (pipe) separated URLs.