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In GN/Linux anyone can develop a new flavor of shell, using C++, Python, Java, Lua or any other object-oriented language. LibreOffice is beautiful if you install and use the LibreOffice Sifr theme. It exists on it's own as well. If you are, then it too makes sense.

Please read my above post if you require further explanation. If any of those parameter is missing, then there will be no minimum/maximum path length. I posit that the reason you switch to Bash is purely familiarity, not some intrinsic advantage. And can add a framework to build commands which can obtain benefits of some shell new features, like object-oriented pipeline.

So either actually discuss this issue or stop with the ad hominem posts and claims of how you're right because you know so much. If you don't know your way around PowerShell (and indeed, it's a much more complex beast than cmd or most Linux shells), you can still theoretically use OneGet through the standard As YOU seem to want to take cheap shots at Powershell, I will be happy to provide a long list of definite benefits Powershell has over Bash, if you really want Everything is logically organized into simple categories.

Bradx954 Actually your wrong. Nik S There is literally nothing you can do in Command Prompt that you can't do in PowerShell and TONS of things you can do in PowerShell that are impossible in Passwords are stored in a tokens list in the client for each server, with the client using them as needed. In fact, I can uninstall and install an entirely different desktop environment within a minute without any effort at all.

It would just be a very inflexible / specialized program. I don't have graphical glitches in Calc so that's a problem on your end. The cost of Windows is small compared to the cost of the programs requiring it. By all means, if you really want to make this a OS vs.

Edit: funny it doesent appear it is that easy for win7: http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/8210/how-do-i-run-starcraft-brood-war-on-windows-7-without-problems omatsei Alien Isolation, not Starcraft Brood Wars. 15+ year old games are nice, but I like to play modern Yea, I know Powershell is *better* than command, but there's a reason tons of admins keep going back to command. I tried it again just this year. We want a hierarchy such as this: Servers "Servername" Team 1 Squad 1 Squad 2 ...

Remember that all entries are evaluated in order, so if you have the following set of entries: @all deny speak @all allow speak Then everyone will be allowed to speak. Neon Frank Yes thank you but that's not the point. Copying would imply some simblance of effort, they don't even do that. Use ‘{}', or you're gonna have a bad time :) h4rm0ny >>"find ./ -printf "%un" | sort -u" To be honest, that's worse but I was trying to make a clear

Its not something normally occur. You've now followed that up with a long string of reasons why you know more than someone else on the Internet (more assumptions) and that's all you've offered. fixed-purpose events: 3 [ 0.063329] ... This is why Microsoft will always be king in Enterprise.

But none of the standard utilities support receiving or exporting objects so you'd have next to nothing to work with except your own custom programs. Mail? This privilege implies all other privileges. Bradx954 Actually it is lol.

OS fight (which it need not be), post a list of significant new technology or significant refinements that have been introduced by GNU/Linux developers and I will match it item for https://www.google.com/+RomuloBenedetti Romulo Pulcinelli Benedetti For this exist python and other interpreted languages that can be bind much tightly with shell… I don't understand what people see in putting all functionality together If this first parameter had been 1 the evaluation would start one level below Root.A, where the ACL was defined.

This can be used to set up a hierarchy of linked channels where all players can hear all the leader of each group, but normal players will not be propageated outside

Times are changing. How many instances of SQLite do you think an average Windows system has? h4rm0ny >>"There are critical flaws with PowerShell, however, such as being sluggish" How can it be sluggish? We need to interact between different programs not designed and developed inside a single organization with tight QA loop and strict policies with regard to how programs can communicate.

With Windows 10, however, we are finally getting an official package manager: OneGet. If anything, the more elaborate the type system is, the more you work for to please this very demanding and at times crazy master than you actually work on the problem Neutrino . It reads and writes docs that all the accounting heads can open just fine on their Windows machines.

Permission Definitions Write This gives total control over the channel, including the ability to edit ACLs. Developers will never be able to cost-effectively deploy emulated packages to an entire business in Linux. Then we have to get the part of the output string we actually care about like so: awk ‘{print $3}' What this is saying is take a strong and select the Nobody ever worries about compatibility on Linux since all of our software gets updated against the latest libraries.

I fail to see how PowerShell can compete against bash, let alone shells like fish. Powershell follows the UNIX philosophy of one thing having one purpose and you just pipe the results of DIR to the next cmdlet. Remember that tokens are passwords, so treat them as such; pick a token name that is unique and hard to guess. A user must be a specific, registered user, while a group can be any group valid in the channel the ACL is defined on.

http://www.secondstartechnologies.com/ Second Star Technologies Yes. Pages: 1 Topic closed #1 2012-12-02 15:06:53 sseering Member Registered: 2012-12-02 Posts: 4 [solved] No sound, ALSA finds soundcard, pulseaudio does not. A channel can specify if it wants to inherit the ACL on the parent, but it cannot specify which; it's a all or nothing deal. It happens to make certain projects simpler architecture wise but anything that can be done using OO could be done without as well with perhaps more effort.

I'm a Windows user through and through, but I have to admit that installing apps and keeping a system updated is much more pleasant in Linux. Companies hire people 20 years ago to make a program for franchise fees on Windows 95, they were fired right after finishing, and I can still run it in Windows 8.1