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Unable To Begin A Transaction Cannot Lookup A Connection

Active/Idle instances in pool=21/0. WRN_EQUAL_TARIFFIND_DATE Both tariff indicators have same date for contract value. Error: value ERR_DETERMINE_STEP Could not determine the step of related resource id: 'value'. ERR_INVALID_THRESHOLD_AMOUNT Invalid threshold_to amount value. this contact form

ERR_NO_EVENTHANDLER_FOUND Event handler not found in module 'value'. Cannot build datetime 'value' for cli 'value'. ERR_NO_DATABASE_PLUGIN No database plug-in present. ERR_CANNOT_JOIN_EVENT_HANDLER_PROC Cannot connect to event handler process: value ERR_CANNOT_OPEN_DATABASE Cannot open database 'value'; user 'value'; password 'value'; server message 'value'. get redirected here

ERR_ZONEENTRY_NOT_FOUND Cannot find entry in zone model 'value' for origin 'value', destin 'value', call date 'value' and service 'value'. Reason: Operation timed out: connect:could be due to invalid address vmcid: 0x49421000 minor code: 70 completed: No More... ERR_F_SEGMENT_ALREADY_RECEIVED Error : An F segment has been already received with the same chain reference ERR_FLUSH_LIMIT_IN_PROGRESS Error: semaphore FlushLimit=value is already in progress, FlushLimit must complete before sending UpgradeFlushLimit.

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  2. Possible causes other than an incorrect bootstrap address or unavailable name server include the network environment and workstation network configuration.
  3. But it didn't work out.
  4. ERR_PROCESS_RESUBMIT_JOB Error occured while processing ResubmitJob : value.
  5. DAT_ConnectionManager Error message Description ERR_CLOSE_CONNECTION_FAILED Failed to close connection for socket id: (value) DAT_ConnectionPool Error message Description ERR_ALL_CM_CONNECITONS_DOWN All the CM connections are down.
  6. ERR_INVALID_GRANT_TYPE The grant type 'value' is invalid.
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  8. ERR_TRANSFER_CUTOFF_VIOLATED TransferCutOff Date (value) violated with value.
  9. Check your format description.

Do you have any ideas how to resolve this problem? ERR_NUMBER_OF_FIELDS_IN_RECORD Found 'value' instead of 'value' fields in record 'value'value. ERR_QUEUE_FILE_WRITE Error writing queue file value. WRN_TXNLOGGING_OFF Transaction logging is off, make sure that you are doing testing only!

Possible solution is to restart DB & send reconnect singnal. ERR_INFRANET_GDD_INIT_FAILED Can't initialize Infranet GDD (value) ERR_INVALID_PROBE_VALUE Incorrect probe value received for sending DPR. ERR_RENAME_LOG_FILE Cannot rename old logfile. http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21620739 FCT_CiberOcc Error message Description ERR_CIBEROCC_NETWORKMODEL_NOT_FOUND The network model declared by registry parameter EdrNetworkModel cannot be found in the data module.

ERROR_REG_ENTRY_NOT_FOUND Error: Registry entry not found for value. ERR_DIR_EMPTY Reading from empty directory 'value'. View user's profile  Send private message     sinhasaurabh014 Participant Joined: 02 Apr 2008 Posts: 85 Location: Bangalore Points: 1006 Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2010 9:44 am Reply with quote   Hi, We are also facing the same problem with our new Linux server.

Pipeline Framework Error Messages Error message Description ERR_A_CUSTOMER_NOT_FOUND A-Customer not found (value). F Thanks! ERR_TAM_ENTRY_NOT_FOUND Cannot find entry "value" in the transaction manager map.

A bootstrap address with no port specification defaults to port 2809. weblink ERR_EDR_BUILD_RECORD_NOT_FILLED 'value' - EDR buildt record field not filled. ERR_DAT_PREFDESC_INS_TREE_FILE Can't insert line value from file value into prefix description table. ERR_EDR_BLOCK_NOT_FOUND The specified block alias value couldn't founded.

My tech scribble merely reflects my work on a daily basis and I hope this can used as some reference point or knowledge base for people who are supporting an engineering WRN_INVALID_CLI_RANGE Ignoring invalid cli range (value). ERR_CUSTOMER_NO_VALID_PRODUCT_RATING Customer product rating not valid (value). navigate here ERR_OFF_MIN_GREATER_MAX The min offset is greater than the max offset.

ERR_BEGIN_EDR Cannot begin EDR transaction. ERR_NO_ITEM_TAG Failed to get itemTag value ERR_NO_TYPE_FOUND_FOR_TAG No matching type found for given item tag. ERR_WRITE_DEF_EDR_NOT_FOUND Registry entry 'WriteDefaultEdr' not found.

ERR_CALENDAR_PLUGIN_INV Calendar data module invalid.

This error occurs when the DAT_Listener registry value, QueueName does not exist in the table user_queues. ERR_CREATE_LOGIN_FLIST_FAILED Create Login flist failed . JBoss and Hibernate are registered trademarks and servicemarks of Red Hat, Inc. When installed, WAS configures itself with a hostname that it determines from the local OS.

ERR_END_DSC_TRANSACTION Cannot start the transaction 'value'. ERR_FILE_OPEN_OS value: Cannot open file 'value'. ERR_INVALID_RECORD_LENGTH Defined RecordLength (value) does not match length (value) of read line. http://bovbjerg.net/unable-to/unable-to-get-sql-query-cannot-find-database-dll.php ERR_LOGIN_TO_CM Login to CM failed for userid (value) ERR_LOGOUT_TO_CM Logout from CM failed for userid (value) ERR_OPCODECALL_FAILED Opcode call failed (value).

More... ERR_SESSION_PUT_ON_HOLD Session value is put on hold due to being passive. ERR_CUSTOMER_NO_VALID_PRODUCT Customer product not valid (value). ERR_SOURCE_VALUE Source parameter must be either 'Database' or 'File'.

RPC functionality through a firewall requires that specific ports are open to accommodate RPC dynamic port allocation. Make sure that any bootstrap address information in the URL is correct and that the target name server is running. ERR_INCLUSIVE_LOGIC_TOO_MANY_ACTIVE_CALL_SECTIONS Error InclusiveLogic, SingleElementCallSection has too many ACTIVE CallSections. ERR_DB_CONNECTION_NOT_VALID Could not connect to database.

ERR_SEQ_MASTER_CONTROLLER Unknown or wrong master controller for sequence sharing. ERR_BALANCE_INVALID_EDRTRANSACTION No transaction for this EDR on the transaction list in 'value'. ERR_INPUT_FILE_NOT_MOVED 'value': Cannot move input file 'value' to temporary file 'value'. ERR_CUSTOMER_LOGIN_ACCOUNT_NOT_FOUND Customer account not found after login (value).

The content you requested has been removed. ERR_FAILURE_FSM Failure in finite state machine: value. ERR_SEQ_INIT Default sequence file generated. ERR_FLIST_INPUT_ERROR Error while processing FLIST message: value ERR_GAP_IN_SEQ_NUMBER Gap in sequence number found (sequence number: 'value').

ERR_REG_UPDATE_FAILED Command processing failed for 'value'. There may be multiple root-causes.Please check the link Datastage client log in issues presentation by IBM ..