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On non-server platforms the number of concurrent connections is limited as per IIS limits (FTP is a sub-set of IIS) Just 'cause I link to a page and say little else First: Find the configuration file of inetd, /etc/inetd.conf, (or xinetd) on the remote host (please find out which Internet service daemon is running on your remote host: inetd or xinetd) Check You should now be able to view FTP sites in Internet Explorer without a problem. Jeff Have you Binged a solution before posting? news

If you turn on logging of debug messages you get the return value. (In fact, you get alot of imformation that can be useful when configuring and testing the system). Where Set access tp X:\wherever\subdir +root +home +list +read +map where X is your drive letter. Xauthority information is automatically generated and forwarded to the remote machine. For the xterm window, you can define the buffer by choosing: Select Options/XSelection...

Internet Explorer Cannot Display The Webpage Windows Xp

Running NFS Server as a Service in MS Windows 2000/XP Login to MS Windows XP as Administrator and install the WinaXe Plus package and license file as per instructions. If not, check that TCP ports 6000 - 60xx used by XServer on your PC are accessible from the remote host. Then you should copy the created identity file to your PC. To open Services, click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

http://log.damnation.org.ukJoin us on IRC! There are no commercial interests involved at all. If these lines are present and are not commented-out, you can try to launch X-applications (or run any Unix command) by using Startup. This Page Cannot Be Displayed Windows 10 Quote Postby mattg » 2010-01-23 02:17 Not necessarily true.Even for authenticated access, a single user can connect multiple times, even simultaneously.

Of course, the first and second ways are preferable. Currently not. Fill in the User Name field (e.g. But I can't do upload permission denied), I have set my path as read and write. ?

Please help! Internet Explorer Cannot Display The Webpage Windows Vista Exit War. Also, make sure that UDP port 177 on the remote host is accessible from your PC (i.e. there is something about it that would make it easier to get running correctly.

This Page Cannot Be Displayed Windows 7

That is what I like about Vermillion (I'm using the NT Alpha version) --it loads before you log on, that way if the computer reboots while you are gone, no problem To map new names to existing fonts, you should create the fonts.alias file (or edit the existing one). Internet Explorer Cannot Display The Webpage Windows Xp The user should not manually set DISPLAY from the SSH session. The Page Cannot Be Displayed Windows Xp Double-click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Services.

If use use Win 2008 and IIS 7, the FTP server that comes with it can be set up as secured FTP (SSL). navigate to this website We have a working FTP on 2008 for http://www.realtimereferral.com and are pretty happy with it. Create a new directory under the FONTS folder on your PC (say, .../FONTS/Asianfnt) to contain new fonts Copy all binary font files (.pcf or .snf files only) from the Asianfonts directory If you have strange problems or errors use the log analyzer! This Page Cannot Be Displayed Windows 8

Is there a difference between using the X-manager and the windows manager in cutting and pasting? If you obtain problems, then you need to disable somehow the WarFTP's portmapper to use our NFS-Server. Is there a known conflict between these two products? http://bovbjerg.net/page-cannot/why-do-i-get-page-cannot-be-displayed-error.php It uploads to server OK but when I do a get from server (using dreamweaver) the file is created or overwritten locally with time and date but file is always empty.

Alretnatively, just let all users in (for the sake of testing). This Page Can't Be Displayed Top westdam Senior user Posts: 727 Joined: 2006-08-01 21:24 Location: Padova, Italy Contact: Contact westdam ICQ Website WLM Re: FTP Server ? Reply qbernard 7037 Posts MVPModerator Re: Can't connect to new FTP site Nov 04, 2008 04:19 AM|qbernard|LINK Oohh 550 no connection to host?

With warftpd however, most issues can be resolved easily!

If you wount give access to lower levels, add the subdirectories of X:\wherever\subdir and set the +deny +recursive flags on them. more... Fill in the User ID field (e.g. Internet Explorer Cannot Display The Webpage Windows 7 64 Bit On the Recovery tab, click the actions you want to take place when a service fails in First attempt, Second attempt, and Subsequent attempts (e.g., set First failure and Second failure

If you don't use VfSysys, the directories are scanned each time a user access them. Unknown file format for user database error I install the program but when I go Reply boen_robot 30 Posts Re: Can't connect to new FTP site Nov 01, 2008 08:53 AM|boen_robot|LINK First, go to the FTP site, and eliminate the hostname in the binding (you know, more... http://bovbjerg.net/page-cannot/web-page-cannot-be-displayed-error.php Is there any output of this command in the "Status Messages" field?

All user and setup information is maintained in these two files. Remote administration I'm currently using Vermillion FTP Daemon, and as I dont have the passwords to WinaXe Plus's FTP client automatically recognizes 'anonftpd', a secure FTP server supported EPLF. Quote Postby sheffters » 2009-10-22 12:54 It's good for basics ... Any Hints?

In the WordPad window: Move the mouse pointer to the place where you want to insert the text from the buffer and click the mouse Button1 (usually left). VfSys scans the disk when it starts up and remembers the filenames and directory names. Multihoming is supported. Smith) Enable the Use plain password to log in check box Click OK.

You can launch XSettings, press the FontPath button, enter your font server specification in the Font directory field, select a font server specification in the Priority ordered path box, and Insert Please store the "Font Path:" from the output of this command. There are two ways to specify "User ID" and "Group ID": 1) One recommended for "RedHat 6.0" Linux: Mount a PC-local-disk (as root-user) Change directory to the mount point Run command It does not check for changes in the file system. UnZip must be in the PATH I am using your 1.26X version..it's really cool with zip CRC checking, but when the

What is this file and where is it so I can kill it to start fresh? When your SSH connection is open, the "Telnet_SSH" window will appear. Use a username that is in that list. The LIST response provides more information, but in a format that varies from system to system.

For me it would be sufficient to add authorities, no need for cross-checking. My name is Mitch Bartlett. data in file doesn't get copied.Any ideas on why that might be happening? You can launch FTP with the command line parameter: PATH\ftp.exe -xini where specifies a full path to a specific ini-file and PATH indicates your WinaXe Plus home directory.

Under the "Browsing" section check the "Enable FTP folder view (outside of Internet Explorer)" box.