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What Cannot Be Done With The Profiles Salesforce


Master - Detail Relationship D. Select the one correct answer. No such limit exist 80) Which function will be used to make sure the Social Security number follows a specific pattern? Assignment rules C. click site

A. 15 Days B. 30 Days C. 45 Days D. 60 Days 23) Is it possible to restrict the creation of Opportunity on Lead Conversion? Users are given access to the records accessible by the users who are above the role hierarchy Ans. File Storage C. What are the data types that are supported by a formula field?

Which Of The Following Is The Best Way To Make The Field Mandatory For Everyone?

User wants to add additional information in that page. Select the one correct answer. b,d 5. A.

A. Define object relationships and fields for reports b. Create lookup relationships between A,B and C b. What Does A Page Layout Allow An Admin To Control Record Types 36) Which of the following can be done by the Pagelayout Editor?

For example, imagine you were building out a new application and wanted only a few of your standard users to use the application.  The approach is not to create a permission What Is The Impact On A User Of The Organization Level Locale Changes? An organization has two custom objects to track job positions and salaries for those positions. Create analytic snapshot reports Ans. A.

Production and Developer Sandbox C. For How Many Days Deleted Records Are Kept In The Recycle Bin? Summary Reports C. Page layout c. One of the common problems administrators face while assigning rights to custom objects in Salesforce is that the custom object permissions for standard profiles is disabled.

What Is The Impact On A User Of The Organization Level Locale Changes?

Make a Field Mandatory B. An organization has created a HR application which contains a custom object for job positions and candidates for those positions. Which Of The Following Is The Best Way To Make The Field Mandatory For Everyone? Solution Manager 12) Will data be lost in a Custom Field if Data Type is changed to Number from any other Data Type? Do Validation Rules Get Enforced On The Lead Conversion? He has trained almost 150 professionals around the globe and handled corporate trainings.

If a parent object has a lookup relationship defined with a child object. Why is the 'You talking to me' speech from the movie 'Taxi Driver' so famous? Setup Audit Trail 123) A sales team is a set of users that normally work together on _________ ? A. Which Of The Following Is Not A Standard Salesforce.com Application

True B. A.         True B.         False Q.37) Roll-up summary and formula fields are always read only on detail pages and not available on edit pages ? Create an Email Alert D. d Posted by Tejpal Kumawat at 05:41 27 comments: Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Salesforce Dev 401 Dumps 4 Salesforce Dev 401 Dumps 4 1.

Which of the following is not a correct statement? Which Of The Following Cannot Be On The Controlling Side Of The Dependent Picklist A.         500 B.         5,000 C.         50,000 D.         Asset Records cannot be imported via Import Wizard   Q.33) If a field is required in the page layout and A.         Both Records are updated B.         First Record gets updated; Error is thrown for Second Record C.         First Record gets updated; Second record gets created D.         Error

c) Create a master-detail relationship between positions and salaries; define private access on position and create sharing rules on salary.

All child records are deleted Ans. False 121) Custom objects in sites have which kind of permission? A. Which Functionality Is Not Available On The Custom Object When designing an application, a developer needs to make a field editable to all profiles.

What will happen if the expiration date of a position is extended by 30 days? A. Delete the Record 83) What happens when 2 records have same external Id during an Upsert operation? it will apply a smart algorithm an remove any reference to non existing metadata on destination.

Visualforce tab d. Percent 4) Which of the following can not be a Dependent Picklist? Profiles have their well-known drawbacks and permissions sets are perfect for packaging authorisation for new applications. A.

Blank Value D. A.Make a Field Mandatory B.Make a Field Read-Only C.Both A & B D.None of Above Ans. When creating an order, the product line and product combination need to be consistent. None of Above 37) Which of the following is not allowed?

You might also think of this as the “Spider-Man Rule”: with great power comes great responsibility. Positions expire 90 days after they have been approved. Sales C. Salesforce Success Community Answers Events Help & Training Collaboration Ideas Featured Groups Known Issues More Places Salesforce.com AppExchange Salesforce Developers Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Visit our Channel

Select the one correct answer. < apex:page controller="AccountController"> a Standard Controller b Custom Controller c Controller Extension d Specific Controller Ans. To migrate customizations from sandbox to production. Workflows D. Custom Object E.

None of the Above 50) On deletion of Parent Record, Child Records also get deleted in case of a Lookup relationship? Now, If I deploy dev1 to production (and If I have about some 1000 fields added in my dev1 sandbox and the access has been given to system admin), How will Careers It's not work. Yes B.