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Webex Cannot Connect To Url


CSCuy99659 3 Site Administration Resloved a site admin issue for the sites that have disabled “Re-assign NBR recording". CSCuz71729 3 URL API Fixed an issue where a host could not start an Event Center meeting from email if it was scheduled in Productivity Tools. Call Me is an option for all Premium plans. Look for meetings with a status of fair or poor.

CSCux69999 3 Meeting Center Addressed issue with displaying an incorrect start time in a recurring meeting's email notification. Do I need to trust AT&T Connect content? Follow the prompts to install the application. CSCux67387 3 Training Center Fixed an issue where the Live Training Usage Detail Report would show no content when the session name contains a tab character.

Your Webex Service Site Cannot Be Accessed Please Check The Url And Network Connection

Learn More. Meeting Participants are Unable to Dial Out to Their Phones Problem Meeting participants are unable to dial out to their phones. Upon connecting to an event, an event overview page is displayed if no other item is currently loaded to the whiteboard. Testing is one of the most important ways to assess student progress and instructor effectiveness.

CSCux59008 and CSCux58997 3 Event Center Fixed an issue where attendees would no longer be able to hear the Event Center Audio Broadcast after network failover. If you don't need the full Participant application that contains various host controls, consider connecting with the Web Participant (which will launch in your browser). Upon connecting to an AT&T Connect event, the system will recognize that your PC does not have the client software and will setup the software while connecting to the event. 2. The Telephony Information You Entered Cannot Be Authenticated The system is waiting for the host to start the meeting on his web client or is still using the telephone to join the meeting for audio only.

If you have more than 10 licenses, we’ll set up a personalized WebEx URL (yourcompanyname.webex.com). Your Webex Service Site Cannot Be Accessed Outlook Ask the user to wait another five minutes and try again. CSCuv10189 4 Meeting Center Restored ability for users to upload MPEG-4 (MP4) recordings to the Meeting Center recordings page. Resolved Bugs for WebEx (WBS30.8) Bug number Severity Affected Product Area Description CSCuy97210 3 Site Administration Fixed an issue where site administrators couldn't perform the user import and export at

Solution Instruct the user to remove the extra accounts and keep just one account in Microsoft Outlook that matches his or her Cisco WebEx profile. The Telephony Information You Entered Cannot Be Authenticated Webex CSCux26631 3 Event Center Fixed an issue where Event Center would allow an attendee to register for an event that was full. Solution This is a known issue and there are no configuration changes that can fix this problem at this time. CSCvb55314 2 Meeting Center Fixed an issue in Windows 10 where Microsoft Notepad may stop responding when you are sharing a text file, and Adobe Acrobat Reader may stop responding when

Your Webex Service Site Cannot Be Accessed Outlook

The Cisco WebEx Cloud is certified by the Skyhigh CloudTrustTMProgram, the most extensive, impartial evaluation of cloud security and enterprise-readiness available. During the conference, my PC disconnects. Your Webex Service Site Cannot Be Accessed Please Check The Url And Network Connection When you accept a meeting invitation, it automatically appears in your calendar. Webex Productivity Tools Your Webex Service Site Cannot Be Accessed A User Is not Able to Schedule Meetings with WebEx Assistant Problem A user has downloaded WebEx Productivity Tools, but is not able to schedule meetings with WebEx Assistant.

CSCux27633 3 Productivity Tools Fixed an issue for the Windows version of Productivity Tools where new PCs would show the compatibility view error. Possible Cause A user's Personal Conference account is deactivated. CSCuy99659 3 Meeting Center Fixed an issue with attendees getting a join meeting error when attempting to select a Join link. CSCva34558 3 My WebEx Addressed a discrepancy in reporting where confirmed attendees appear in the registration report but do not appear in the attendance report. You Are No Longer Connected To The Meeting Automatically Reconnecting

User is Dropped from Audio Conference Problem A user is dropped from an audio conference. Solution If you are using Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP with Service Pack 3, the incompatibility message is false and you can ignore it. Re-import of that data works, but caused NBR to fail. Resolved Bugs for WebEx (WBS30.0) Identifier Severity Affected Area Description CSCuu28080 2 Meeting Center Meeting Center: Fixed issue causing Mac application to crash in some cases.

And you can add host licenses (the number of people who can schedule and host meetings). Disable Fips If a meeting participant other than the host attends the meeting and then leaves before the host joins, the meeting is not recorded on the meetings page. Users Cannot Dial In to a Personal Conference Meeting Problem Imported users cannot dial in to a Personal Conference Meeting.

What should I do?

Solution On Mozilla Firefox, have your user select Tools > Add-ons > Plugins, and enable ActiveTouch General Plugin Container, restart the browser, and try to attend the meeting again. Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish (Latin American and European), and Turkish on the Microsoft Windows platform. Cisco Spark Sign in to use Cisco Spark. Webex Meeting Limit Exceeded All Productivity Tools and shortcuts are removed from your computer.You can also disable Productivity Tools in specific programs.To selectively disable Productivity Tools:1.

The device must also have a Medium (320x240) resolution screen or higher. In addition to Collaboration Meeting Rooms, WebEx Meeting Center has added enhancements including: A new interface that makes it even more intuitive to connect to audio, share content, and send invitations CSCuu50473 3 Event Center Event Center: Image uploaded to a Program not seen when viewed from Program URL CSCuu90443 3 Productivity Tools The WebEx site shows the meetings to be on Make sure you have configured the correct IP addresses, transport, and port settings.

Yes. However, exceeding the maximum number of supported users can cause performance issues.